Walk For Warmth - October 9th 2016

The Walk for Warmth is always scheduled for the Sunday before Columbus Day. By then, the summer heat has dissipated and the weather is usually nice for a long walk. About 20 to 25 people were scheduled to make the 20 mile trip. However, this year Hurricane Matthew reached out and touched us. The weather was wet and windy with a promise of clearer skies in the late morning.

As the walk is the main fundraiser for The Sleeping Bag Project NYC, eleven intrepid souls braved the elements and made the first leg of the trek. With rain gear and an occasional umbrella the group walked past a virtually empty Brooklyn Bridge and stopped at the Starbucks on West Broadway.

A twelfth soul joined us there and we left to walk the West Side Greenway with hopes of nicer weather. Matthew had other plans for us. The rain and wind worsened and we dragged ourselves into The Boat Basin Café on 79th St. We were wet and cold by now and despite portable heaters we could not really warm up.

A decision was made to shorten the walk. We walked down to Times Square and took a train to Barclay Center and then walked back to our starting point. We only did a little more than 15 miles of the planned 20 miles but …

We could end our misery – the homeless cannot!

We could get out of the weather – the homeless cannot!

I cannot thank the participants of the walk enough. You all showed real heart.

Thank you.

I cannot thank the people who donated money enough.

Thank you.

Matthew touched us! We can touch those who are less fortunate than we are.

 Thank you

Jody Yarmush for The Sleeping Bag Project NYC