Our new initiative!

One of the things that we have been hearing over the past year from our partners is the tremendous need for socks that they have seen among the street sleeping homeless that they support.
It has been our goal from our inception to add items of daily living-items that might make the cold nights for a street sleeping homeless person maybe just a little more bearable-as one more item in addition to sleeping bags that we would distribute.
We are happy to announce that we will now be collecting and distributing new and unused socks!!!
Please, as you are out shopping this busy holiday season and or even passing by your local dollar store, please find it in your heart to throw an extra pair of socks into your basket. Or maybe you will come across a pair of new socks in your sock drawer that you would like to donate?
All sleeping bag project member's will be available to collect socks or give you a convenient drop off location for your NEW sock donation.

This winter we will be sure to get them into the right hands and onto the feet of some of the most vulnerable members of our community this winter.